Whenever you go out, the first thing that you would search for is your rayban sunglass. It is used for enriching out your external outlook but just think, what would happen when your sunglass is not-perfectly set in for your face, in that place there is a need for you to immediately fix its screws correctly. That would bring back the same grip and support for your Rayban glass.

In that place there is a need for you to correctly choose the best rayban screws that fits. It is because you can find out a lot of different size screws that is available. You would be really confused up which to select, during that time you would face the following problems as like

  • When you have chosen some small size Rayban screws then it would be tighten your sunglass. There are lot of possibilities for the screw to again fall down.
  • If you have chosen some big sized rayban screws then it would not even enter inside the hole. It is entirely useless for you to buy.

To overcome from this problem it is required for you to check out the correct size that fits perfect for your Rayban glass.

How to tighten the Rayban screws?

It is not difficult task for you, for fitting it there is a need for you to have a small screw driver for fitting them inside. Then you have to hold a perfect rayban screws. Slightly place your screw inside the hole and start rotating it until it fits inside it. It is required for you to tight it little harder, so that there is less possibilities for the screws to again miss it. Once after fitting open and close the arms of your Rayban sunglass and examine whether it is perfectly fitted.

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