How To Watch Free Movies On iPad & iPhone

How To Watch Free Movies On iPad & iPhone

Do you think that when it comes to iOS users, most of the apps in the AppStore aren’t free, while Android is known for delivering awesome apps for free.

The iPad is the best device for watching movies and full-length feature films, but how to watch movies for free? How to watch movies for free on a mobile device? Here’s how to watch movies for free on your iPad and iPhone.

 How To Watch Free Movies On iPad & iPhone

  1. SnagFilms

When it comes to movie streaming apps, one name comes to our mind; that is SnagFilms. Why? If offers free full-length TV shows and movies on your 5-inch iPhone screen with HD quality. It offers facinating and heart-touching movies on all iOS devices, not just the iPhone. For those looking for some extra kick in the films, this is a very useful application. It contains over 5000 movies, documentaries, feature films and TV shows. This is a paradise for the freaks.

There are action, family, romance, kids, horror movies in a multiple languages for you to choose from. African films, Spanish movies, Asian films, Korean and Russian languages are all offered in one platform app. Even if you switch devices, the app will remember your choice and playback where you left the movie.

Cyberflixapk is the best way to watch movies and TV shows online.

  1. Showbox for iOS

This app is one of the most popular free movie apps for the iOS platform. For some unknown reasons, this application has been removed from the Apple AppStore. The app has a wide range of TV shows, soap operas and free movies. With no active internet connection you can search, download the films and watch offline.

Also, the application is compatible with all iOS devices with regular updates. To work with the ShowBox app, install the Vshare app on your computer and connect to the iOS device, the app will launch automatically, you will be asked to check for more security controls. To complete the installation process you need to search for the Showbox app within the vShare. Once the installation is complete, the app will launch and ready to search for movies, TV shows and other contents.

  1. Hulu Plus

Hulu app is the main free movie app for your iPhone. Hulu film library is immense and includes all of hollywood’s greatest hits of all time, as well as fresh new releases from theaters. Hulu Plus is also known for its larger choice of children’s movies and Disney animation. It allows you to stream movies without downloading them. It has a lot of popular TV shows and episodes and has a smart movie recommendation system that you can trust on the service.


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