She is an Algerian author, professor and essayist. Assia Djebar was well known for her throughout the post-colonial and feminist. Her views severed as the best foundation for the novel that she wrote. She was born in 1936 and she spends her years interviewing the refugees in Tunisia and Morocco that made her show the world about the negative effects of colonialism. She wrote her first four novels during the year 1957 to 67. All that novels were based on embody and anti-colonial and she have great perseverance throughout the entire year. She also has adapted and served as the female empowerment. She lived in Algeria that is present in the Paris and United States. She mainly works for the exposed rights related to the Muslim women who belong to across the Arab world. 

She published the first book called La Soif at her 21st age. This was related to the westernized French Algerian girl. She has grown up in Algeria and has seduced her friend’s husband for attempting to make her boyfriend feel more jealous about it. She started writing the note with the pen name called Assia DjebarShe wrote nearly 15 different sets of books that includes poems, plays, and novels. Those writing were converted into nearly more than 23 different types of languages. 

Her early life

Her real name was Fatima Zohra Imalayen. Her father was a French teacher. She has spent her time boarding the school in Bilda who focused mainly on studying Quran and the most interesting fact is that only two women were there in that class and she was one among them. She has completed her early education at the college of de Bilda. There she was the only Muslim girl studied at her class. When you started researching about her life and career sure that will let you understand more facts that would be something great.

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