Unfortunately, this is the case that the only reasonably safe place to store a bike is your own apartment. Apart from the fact that not everyone has a basement, garage or other cell, these are usually places where a true bike lover does not keep his equipment.

First of all, keeping the bicycle outside of the apartment is definitely less secure and exposes our vehicle to a change in ownership. Secondly, basements are often wet, and the bike usually kept in one after a year is in worse condition from just standing and corroding than from riding we do not mean the aluminum frame, but rather other parts. The problem is even more true for all balconies and the tarpaulin will not help much.

There are at least several ways to store bicycles at home:

Vertically, with wheels perpendicular to the wall on a special hanger, parallel to the wall on two horizontal rods, hooking the pedal itself and even pulling it on the blocks to the ceiling. There is one more clever way that we really liked. It is an aluminum, telescopic construction shown in the pictures. In this case the use of the indoor bike racks review comes useful now.

  • The principle of operation is simple, the structure consists of three aluminum pipes of smaller and smaller diameter, which extend telescopically. The adjustment range is from 160 to 340 cm. The structure is fastened between the floor and the ceiling, just like a pull-up bar inside the door frame. To this end, we first pull out the pipes and block them with a quick-release device, very similar to those located near a bicycle saddle or wheels.

The upper foot, leaning against the ceiling, additionally has a spring, which facilitates installation and prevents the pipe from falling on our heads. Finally, unscrew the bottom foot, increasing the spreading force and it’s ready. Just screw on two crossbars, which have both adjustable angle of inclination and spacing of hooks, thanks to which almost every bike can be hung the way we want. The manufacturer ensures that the structure is designed for two bicycles up to 20 kg each and claims that it has TÜV and GS certificates.

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