Plastic Machining Operations

Plastic Machining Operations

When it comes to plastic machining, it is important to consider the type of plastic required for the product. The process requires more rigid plastic material for better results. There is however methods that can be used for less rigid plastics like the foam plastic materials.

Plastic Machining Methods

There are many method of plastic machining which are determined by the users end result requirements. For more complex outcomes you need to use a machining method that can deliver just that. Here is a look at various methods that can be used in plastic machining.

CNC Machining – This is the best option when it comes to materials that have been cut into more complex shapes. Before the machine is operated the complex shape can be programmed into the computer then when completed the CNC machining centre can produce as many copies as required of the programmed product. The method is good for complex shapes because multiple cutters can be used to produce the different complex products that are being machined.

Milling – This method vary from simple to complex shapes. For complex shaped plastics you will use the more complex milling machining process, which will help meet the requirements of the end results.

Turning – This is a simple machining operation that is used for round shapes plastics.

Laser Cutting – This method is used in industries where the industrial laser melt the plastic mainly via a computer controlled programming. It is mainly used in acrylic materials but can also be used in other plastic materials.

Hot Knife Cutting – This method is best for softer plastics. The method uses a wire of a blade which is electrically heated to melt plastic. This plastic machining method is good for cutting blocks of foam because they cannot take the heat from other machining methods and can also be used in expanded polystyrene.

Die-Cutting –This is mainly used for sheet plastic materials where a male and female die are used to punch out the desired shape of the user.

Plastic Machining Operations


Ultra Sonic Cutting –This is a plastic machining process which good for softer and thinner materials. The method works by generating high frequency using ultra-sonic in the tool which locally melts the plastics being cut.

When preparing to use a plastic machining process with plastic machining services, it is important to go through the available methods after identifying the shape you want as end product and the material you are using. These two will easily help determine which plastic machining process best suits what you are planning to make.


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