One of the things that we love the most about this company is that they are passionate about helping you use advanced filters to pinpoint your perfect target audience, and it’s not going to take you months to find them. Admins and company employees alike need to participate to get your company page’s messages to a wider audience than  your company page followers. Fast forward to June 2021, and we are now celebrating over 10K followers on the platform – 100% of which is organic this means we didn’t use LinkedIn ads, although these are pretty awesome too. Here are the four posts that we published that got the most impressions over the past 12 months.

Here are our five takeaways… Here’s my regular monthly slot on the LinkedIn Sofa – part of the You Are The Media podcast. Whether you are an entrepreneur, business, startup, or even marketer, the tool is perfect for your LinkedIn. Environmental health. Social change agent, entrepreneur, and artist. Should you have a hard time knowing what content you should publish, read our blog on how to create a social media strategy easily. Instead, it’s better to focus on your brand’s best time to post. Sure, until that point, we had done OK with Linkedin – we published some decent content and saw some slow growth, but we knew we could do better. You see different types of content on Linkedin.

This gives us the ability to create highly-targeted marketing strategies while also going completely off the cuff and experimenting with new types of content. By doing a bit of everything, you ensure that your Linkedin page always publishes new, fresh content that interests different types of people. This is because there is a pre-filled check box on the last stage of the application process, which that means unless the applicant unticks it, they will automatically follow your page to stay up to date with your company’s latest updates. Please note that LinkedIn will provide aggregated monthly data only no breakdown by days is possible due to API limitation. Export to CSV – whether you want to upload your data to Salesforce or open it in your Excel, website Linkedomata provides the best data format you will ever see.

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