Why Aha is Hit App in Short Span of Time

Why Aha is Hit App in Short Span of Time

The South Indian film industry has a knack for delivering one entertainer after the other consistently. The Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam film industry, which together comprise the South Indian film industry, offers a never-ending supply of high-quality entertainment. The popularity of South Indian films can be gauged by the fact that millions of people across India and worldwide throng cinema halls to catch a glimpse of their favorite movie stars. It is also the reason why people stick glued to their television sets to watch original and dubbed South Indian movies online.

 Several stars belonging to national and regional cinemas in India anxiously look forward to work in the South Indian film industry. Moreover, several talented actors who cannot find work in Bollywood because of any reason take the route down south as the industry has been generous enough to embrace such actors from various parts of India. It is factors like these because of which the South Indian film industry is thriving and contributes more than half towards Indian cinema revenues.

Out of the four film industries mentioned above, the Telugu film industry is the most striking. Movies like Baahubali have helped enhance the Telugu film industry’s reputation further. Once they start working in the Telugu film industry, actors from other regions of the country are so impressed that they do not wish to leave.

The Telugu film industry is like a well-oiled machine that keeps dishing out one hit after another. The endless entertainment that the industry provides through its elaborately created movie sets, soul-touching songs, magnificent locations, foot-tapping dance numbers, mind-boggling action, and sensational performances makes it unique.

However, because of the Covid-19 crisis, the industry has of late hit a bad patch. Its ability to entertain viewers has been severely hampered. With theatres shutting down because of the lockdown, the industry is left with no audiences. Thanks to OTT platforms like Aha, the industry has found a lifeline.

Aha offers on-demand video streaming online services exclusively for the Telugu audience.

Aha’s vast collection includes original web series, movies, and shows across different genres like action, romance, comedy, drama. The content streamed online is ad-free so that audiences can watch Telugu movies online uninterrupted. Its excellent streaming services are the reason why Aha has become such a hit app in a short span of time.

Aha is available on mobile, tablet, smart tv, and other streaming devices. It features the best of Telugu cinema and offers detailed and authentic movie and web show reviews.

With the Covid-19 crisis not looking to subside and with the social distancing measures in effect, it is unlikely that viewers would get to see cinema halls reopen anytime soon. Even if they do reopen, factors such as restrictions on occupancy and people’s awareness about their health will force most audiences to stay away from theatres. Therefore, it is the right time for the industry to leverage the popularity and reach of OTT platforms like Aha.

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